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About the Experience Creator

I’m Angel, creator and organizer of the Sacred Space for Fat Bodies Experience. I’ve found it very difficult or even impossible to obtain self-care services at standard facilities because my body weight and size exceed equipment capacities. There’s a rampant lack of access and multiple barriers to receiving self-care services with equipment with more than adequate capacities. Fat phobia, harsh judgement, and stigmas surrounding weight and size can cause very fat people to forego attempts at self-care outside their homes altogether. I’ve been experiencing this and I’m done hiding and neglecting the pleasures of intentional self care. Sacred Space for Fat Bodies seeks to foster change by offering a safe, luxurious, inclusive, accommodating, and customized experience for the very fat person. We deserve to feel the very best, no matter what size we are.

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The SSFFB Mission

I desire “remembering” for each client. If they’ve forgotten what it feels like to rest, I want this experience to remind them. If they’ve forgotten what it feels like to be touched or have any trauma around it, I want them to discover and/or remember that touch can also be healing. I want them to remember that they’re worthy of time and investment in their care. I want them to remember themselves and what they want from life. I want them to remember their innate value. I want them to remember what they dream about. I want them to be satisfied and to know I did all I could to make their experience memorable and fulfilling.

The SSFFB Vision

My hope is that clients will feel seen and will be better equipped to show up for themselves in areas where society as a whole says they don’t deserve to be. I hope it’s an example to existing spaces for what it means to be truly inclusive. I also want to help us heal trauma in our bodies and remember pleasure, fullness, and true relaxation. I want the experience to be a haven that fosters these things.

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