SSFFB Global Directory & New Fat Access Consultation Service

When I created Sacred Space for Fat Bodies, I had a lot of things in mind and I’ve had to make a lot of pivots. One thing that hasn’t changed is my desire to work toward real accessibility for all bodies. As I am creating a self-care space in my home (the original inspiration for the name “Sacred Space for Fat Bodies”), I also want to start a movement that addresses the need for Sacred Space to be created everywhere we go.

I’m creating a free directory for any business owner or individual who produces a product or provides a service and has the intention to make sure what they offer is completely accessible to all bodies.

If they need support in this area, I’m offering a Patreon Tier that gives them four hours with me per month to help them reach or at least approach their ultimate accessibility goals.

Do stay tuned as I will be sharing more info here and giving actual play-by-play to those who have or will subscribe at the $20 Tier level or above.

Again, I’m so happy you’re here. Please stay tuned. It’s about to get interesting!

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