Racial Trauma Virtual Support Group

Family, meet us on Sunday, 10/24 at 4pm PST/6pm CST. Register via link in bio.

It is free. It’s Black.

There are no rules, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind to make it a safe space for everyone.

We don’t talk weight loss, diet talk, “fitness” talk, or anything else fatphobic.

Ableism, xenophobia, homophobia, and any other hate talk isn’t what we’re about, either.

If you need professional help, we are happy to help you find resources that work for you.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 🖤


@elizabethayiku, filmmaker and creator of @melittlemefilm, has created a space for us to share, cry, vent, scream, whatever. We need it. Please click the link in my bio to register. I’ll also add the link for her organization, Me Little Me Foundation, a “FREE racially and culturally competent mental health support for the black community”. Visit her site and feel free to donate and/or share if you’re able.

Photo descriptions:
Photo 1: Cream graphic with tan border reads, “Racial Trauma Virtual Support Group”. Sundays every other week at 4pm PST. Held via Zoom. Free process group for black folks looking for support and community. All identities, sizes, LGBTQIA+ welcome. No fatphobia allowed. Hosted by Angel Austin, @sacredspaceforfatbodies. Two dark-skinned figures lean on each other.

Photo 2: Elizabeth Ayiku, a dark skinned black femme, is shown with a beautifully coiled crown of hair tied back. She’s wearing a black shirt.

Photo 3: Tan letters that read “Sacred Space for Fat Bodies” and fat black femme laying on a massage table under a purple sheet.

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