Product Review – New Shoes by Kizik

Happy Weekend! 

I had a birthday recently and with some of the birthday love I received, I bought myself something I needed DESPERATELY – new shoes!

I got these awesome Kizik hands-free shoes. I’m supposed to be able to just slide my foot in without needing to tie it or fight my way into it in any way. No shoe horn, no strain, NOTHING!

I was skeptical, but I just tried them on and WOW! They’re wonderful and they feel so good! I got men’s size 9 and I got these in wide (EE), too. As an infinifat person, I’ve struggled with shoes all my life. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever been able to slide my foot into a shoe with such little work.

I’m not paid for sharing this, but I always want to share about products that might make fat people’s lives easier.

If there’s ever anything you’d like me to try and review, I love to do that.

Just comment your recommendations!



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