Consulting Services

Infinifat Accessibility and Inclusivity Consulting Services – $200. 00

You want to make your product, service, or location accessible to people of ALL sizes, but you just don’t know how.

You could benefit from the perspective and insight of a disabled, fat, Black infinifat woman who also serves people existing at various intersections; other disabled people, members of the LGBTQIA2S community, other people of color, older adults, etc.

I want to help you serve any person in any body. If I don’t have answers, I want to help you find out who does. This is my life’s work and I want to do it with you.

Let’s meet and talk about what you want to happen. I’ll look at what you’re currently offering and write a derailed report with some recommendations. Then, we’ll meet and talk about them.

The cost of this service is $200

Infinifat Accessibility and Inclusivity – Execution Support – $100/hr

We’ve reviewed the report together, but you’d like to have some support in implementing be changes I’ve recommended. I’m happy to help.

We can make it happen at a pace that works for you until you get where you feel you need to be. We can meet as regularly as you like and set goals that you can actually reach.

I’m with you for the long haul.

This service is $100/hr.

General Consulting Services – $100/hr

Would you like to get together to talk about fat liberation as it pertains to business, community, or personal matters? Do you feel there’s value in my very specific perspective as a Black infinifat elder who is actively pursuing racial equity, fat liberation, accessibility, and inclusion? Do you need social media or any other general support to that end? I’m excited to speak with you!

This service is $100/hr


“I hired Angel because she offered exactly what I was looking for – an objective, third-party assessment of my ongoing work. Accessibility has always been important to me, but Angel helped me understand where my offers were lacking and how I could easily improve them. She also affirmed the features of my services that were already accessible, and helped me feel more confident about proudly offering my services to clients of every size and ability. I highly recommend Angel as a consultant for any business who seeks to be inclusive, HAES-aligned, and fat-positive.” – Sarah Petty, MS, CNS, CPT | Trauma-informed, Size-inclusive Trainer and Nutritionist and owner of Empowered Health with Sarah Petty


“Working with Angel and Sacred Space for Fat Bodies was an excellent experience that helped me reframe my thinking around my business, marketing, and approach to how I do my work as a personal trainer. The insights Angel shared gave new meaning and depth to a lot of conversations that are currently happening around size-inclusivity, accessibility, anti-diet/weight-neutral approaches, mental health, and the dire need for fat liberation in all aspects of our culture, especially in the “health and wellness” realm. From highlighting problematic language to suggesting actionable items to increase accessibility, Angel’s work gave new energy and intention to my work in ways that allowed me to both examine and address my blind spots. This has made my personal training business more inclusive and accessible to the needs of a broader population. It has also enabled me to approach any changes I make to my website, social media, equipment, marketing materials, communication, and interactions with a more attuned eye and thoughtful perspective that addresses the needs of ALL bodies.”

Eric Perry – Fitness for Every Body